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History of Club Carib:

Club Carib of Oshawa Inc. was founded in January 1966. Its main purpose at inception, was to provide a social medium through which Oshawa's Caribbean population could meet and share a common interest and develop a harmonious relationship. As the objectivesof the organization expanded, it became necessary for us to obtain a Charter. In May 1979, the club was incorporated as a Corporation without share capital and was officially known as "Club Carib of Oshawa Inc." Club Carib is governed by an executive body consisting of eight members, and elections are held bi-annually.

The Caribbean Cultural Center was officially opened in June 1993. Its Cultural Programs form the major thrust of the organization's activities, and have by far, the greatest measure of community involvement. To a lesser degree, educational activities in the form of information sessions, discussions and lectures, conducted by invited organizations and guests, are sponsored by our Education Committee.

Social Service activities focus on sercive to special groups, senior citizens and those in need. Donations of clothing and food are given to various needy groups. Financial donations are given to various charities. Social teas and musical programs are arranged for the elderly at Senior Citizen Centers, Homes and Hospitals, with shows performed by our Steelband and Dancers.


  1. To foster friendly relations among people with similar interest and to encourage travel and exchange of culture among citizens of the community, the Carribean Islands and other countries of the world.
  2. To encourage understanding, racial harmony and tolerance through education and active constructive projects in the community
  3. To provide the members of the Club, training in leadership and civic consciousness to enhance their usefulness as good citizens.
  4. To promote the welfare of the community and its citizens through active constructive projects.
  5. To promote social and sporting activities within the community.
  6. To operate as an independant non-commercial, non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political organization.
  7. To raise such funds as are required for general administration. To accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests for the Club
  8. To maintain a building known as the Caribbean Cultural Centre.
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